Six Seasons Events

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Haunted House 4 – Six Seasons Hotel

Haunted House – Four friends visit Gazipur’s Paradise Resort for an overnight stay. Much to their delight, they have the whole picturesque resort to themselves. On a midnight boating stroll in a nearby pond, their stay takes an eerie turn. Stuck and lost in a thick dense forest with only a distant cabin light in sight, they fear the worst. The trip to Paradise turns to hell when they encounter a stranger in the woods, bleeding from his freshly inflicted wounds. “He will come out of the shadows,” are his last words. Will they survive the night?

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International Street Food Festival 2018

Six Seasons Hotel’s most exciting food festival to date, International Street Food Festival, is here from September 13 to 17. Love Thai Street Food? We’ve that covered. Bangladeshi Street Food? Can’t miss that. Indian? Vietnamese? Chinese? Mexican? All there for you to feast on.

For details call 01987009810


Seafood Festival

This Eid Ul Adha, we present to you an array of Dhaka’s finest seafood options. From 23rd to 28th August, Pomfret, Tuna, Crab, Calamari, Shrimp, Pasta, Kabab, Pizza and more (including some beef if you are not suffering from beef-overload).


Friendship Day Pizza Night

This August 5th, we are going big for Friendship Day. Unlimited Pizza and Mocktails + Friendly Challenges (Naga Pizza Challenge, Coke Challenge) + Games + Raffle Draw. Bring your closest friends to create new memories.

For Details: 01987009810.


Spring Buffet

Bigger and better than ever before. Sky Pool’s popular Spring Buffet is here to fulfill all your cravings

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Oriental Festival at Bunka Restaurants

Bunka’s variety, quality and taste is renowned in the city. This ramadan we are stepping it up even further. Join us for Iftar + Dinner buffet throughout the Holy month.


Weekend Sehri Buffet

Sehri under the Stars at Sky Pool at Six Seasons Hotel. Start your fast with either a Weekend Sehri Buffet or a Weekday Set Menu.

For Details – Call 01987009810


Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh at Six Seasons Hotel promises to be an extravagant affair. An array of street food (Fuchka, Chotputi, Candy floss, Mango Juice, Popcorn) followed by the main attractions (fish fry station, bhortas, panta), and many extras added in for good measure (whole quail, folk music, carnival games, face painting, and more)