Flute Night at Bhinno Shaad

Experience Flute Night at Six Seasons Hotel’s Bhinno Shaad: A Symphony of Bangali
Flavors! From June 4th to June 13th, 2024, let your senses dance from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM,
as we serenade you with the essence of Bangladeshi culture, a poetic tapestry of flavours
and tradition at Six Seasons Hotel. Embark on a gastronomic journey where every dish is a
stanza in the ballad of Bangali cuisine. In the heart of Bhinno Shaad, where the soul of
Bengal resides, our curated À la carte menu invites you to savour the symphony of flavours.
From the spirited beats of appetizers to the mellifluous notes of desserts, immerse yourself
in the richness of our culinary heritage.

Picture the Pahari Chakma Seafood Salad (650++), a reverie of pan-grilled seafood entwined
with the fiery spirit of traditional Chakma chilli. Let the Puran Dhaka Chicken Tandoori
(1000++) transport you through time, each bite a tribute to centuries of Dhaka’s culinary
legacy. As you delve into the Kacha Moricher Duck Bhuna (1100++), let the flavours unfold
like verses of an ancient epic, recounting tales of festive revelry and culinary splendour.
Behold the opulence of the Badshahi Rara Gosh (1400++), a regal banquet of lamb and
spices fit for emperors of old. Pair your delights with our selection of sides, from delicate
Steamed Rice (125++) to fragrant Peas Polao (175++), harmoniously complementing the
symphony of flavors. Conclude your journey with the Mishti Doi Cheesecake (399++), a
fusion of timeless Mishti Doi and creamy cheesecake, paying homage to centuries of Bengali
culinary heritage. Before bidding adieu, savor a cup of Tandoori Dudh Cha (250++), a fragrant
milk tea slow-brewed in a traditional tandoor, echoing the rich traditions of Bangali chai

But the symphony doesn’t end here. More awaits from our menu, a
crescendo of flavours waiting to be explored. Indulge in the Lakeside
Chicken Shingara, Lal Bagh Tenderloin Lota Kabab, Nil Doriya
Grill, Kala Bhuna Mangsho, the iconic Ilish Shorshe and what not!!!.
Explore our full menu at Bhinno Shaad and let your palate be your
guide on this culinary voyage: https://bit.ly/3VqPMf1 Join us at Six
Seasons Hotel and experience the poetry of Bangladeshi cuisine like never before. For
booking, contact +8801987009810, and let the symphony begin.

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