At Six Seasons Hotel

RAMADAN delights

At Six Seasons Hotel, this Ramadan brings an array of flavors from across the world for guests to have a wonderful start and end to their fasts through our pleasant, sharp, and appetizing flavors. Bringing you the delicacies from the world of Arabia as core to our menus, our separate choices of international cuisines are only an addition to the perfect blend of a multicuisine experience at Six Seasons Hotel. 

Ramadan offers

buffet iftar & dinner

at bunka restaurant

From the spices and flavors of Asia, Bunka bring you its exotic Oriental cuisine. From the diverse influx of Oriental Culinary, Bunka has taken full inspiration in revamping its entire look along with its refurbished menu! Amidst the golden warm lit restaurant, life is brought out through the colorful interior as the long glass windows mirror the beautiful, serene Gulshan lake. This Ramadan, Bunka welcomes a fusion of Bengali and Authentic Oriental food items through its Buy 1 Get 3 Iftar and dinner experience.  A new foreign chef awaits to surprise you with exciting surprises while you wait for your favorite choice of seafood, meat, or vegetable by the searing teppanyaki station!


buffet iftar & dinner

at Sky Pool restaurant

At Sky Pool Restaurant, we are raising the bar this Ramadan. Located on the 15th floor, Sky Pool Restaurant is another scenic wonder for your eyes to feast on. As the infinity swimming pool freely glides, the smoke rises from our Live grill stations and the aroma of marinated meat smoking in the grill stations engulf Sky Pool! For this Ramadan, a shawarma and Mexican grill station is an addition to an existing grill station. Bringing Flavors from the world of Arabia and stretching from east and west, Sky Pool has it all! Break your fast under the cool evening night sky, with our B1G1 iftar followed by dinner offer this Ramadan. Discover palatable Arabian and Western cuisine from well-seasoned, well-marbled, and deliciously marinated Kabsa, Lamb chops, savory pastas and delicious desserts melting in your mouth.


buffet Sehri

at Sky pool restaurant

Amidst the cool summer breeze, the water of the infinity swimming pool glides calmly by the deck of Sky Pool. As the morning light breaks, Sky Pool reveals its beauty with compliments from the wide stretched green Gulshan Lake and the concrete city view! Have your Suhoor with Buy 1 Get 3 offer at the top of the world as the city lies chaotic below. Sky Pool brings the rich, flavorsome culinary magic from the Land of Arabia. With a new Mexican and Italian corner in addition to a live grill station, and another shawarma station, SkyPool menu has spread across the east and west to bring you more flavors across the world.


Iftar and Dinner

at SSH Banquet

As the beautiful ceiling lamps adorn the hall with a warm lit ambience, the lush carpets spread across the floor with the beautiful wooden panels from the wall create the perfect space for your intimate corporate or personal gatherings! During Ramadan, SSH Banquets is offering the perfect arrangement for your corporate iftars or informal parties! From birthdays to weddings and even corporate arrangements, SSH Banquets await with special discounts and additional services for your events during Ramadan!


Takeaway Boxes

With great planning and thorough execution, SSH brings six different types of Iftar boxes packed with five different flavors. The boxes celebrate the aromatic Arabian food, mouthwatering tastes of Old Town, a premium Iftar box, Oriental dim sum box, a wonderful packed box of sweets and a good old healthy combination. These six flavorful variations are built for 2 people, the perfect shareable iftar, bound to sweep guests off their feet as they indulge into the finery of Six Seasons Iftar Takeouts!

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