bhinno shaad

Discover the culinary tapestry of Bangladesh

bhinno shaad


Makes the rich traditions of Bangladesh come to life through a menu that embodies the essence of Bangladeshi Fine Dining. Your culinary journey begins with diverse flavors, from crispy Lakeside Chicken Shingara inspired by Bangali roots to fusion delights like Cajun Fried Chicken Fuchka Nachos. Our dishes are a blend of tradition and innovation, offering a taste of Bangladesh’s untamed beauty. Explore flavors like the Pahari Chakma Seafood Salad, inspired by the Chakma tribe, and experience the essence of Six Seasons Hotel – diversity and luxury in every bite. Join us for an elegant and elevated fusion of Bangladesh’s captivating culinary heritage.

Lunch Time 12pm - 4pm
Dinner Time 7pm - 11pm
Price Tk
Cusine Bangladeshi


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